Basement Waterproofing




Why do basements leak?

The primary cause of water seepage in homes is called Hydrostatic water pressure. Water is heavy; it weighs 8.34 lbs per gallon. When it rains the ground around your house becomes saturated with water. At times this can mean hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. This water saturation has weight and it exerts a force against the foundation of your home.

This force is called hydrostatic water pressure. (Example: water saturation at a depth of 6 feet next to your foundation will exert over 16 lbs per square inch of pressure where your foundation wall and floor meet.) If this force comes in contact with a seam or weak point in the foundation water seepage can occur.

What are system does.

You cannot create a barrier to prevent hydrostatic water pressure from entering a home; there is simply too much pressure. The only way to guarantee your basement stays dry is to control the water in a way that does not create pressure.

The Real Dry™ system was developed to capture and control this seepage. Once the water is controlled it can then be easily removed from the home by way of a sump pump or drain.

Why our system works best.

The   Real Dry™   System,  by  Basement De-Watering Systems®, is installed inside the basement during any season of the year. It can be installed before or after basement walls are finished to stop water problems fast.

The Real Dry™ System has been designed with the homeowner in mind. The system features attractive preformed corners as well as joint connectors for a clean, professional appearance.

• Concrete floors are not damaged, disturbed, or replaced. Costly landscaping and bushes outside basement walls are not touched. This system is completely installed inside.

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